10 Warning Signs You Are Under Too Much Stress

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If you want to learn the best possible ways for dealing with stress, you must first identify warning signs. The sad part about this is that most stress signs don’t get noticed since people see them as part of their normal lives. In most cases, people fail to know the cause of too much stress until it’s late. Knowing the signs of severe stress to look out for makes the process of dealing with the whole issue quite easy. Stress management techniques can only be applied when you recognize these signs. The signs of too much stress are broadly categorized into physical, emotional, and behavioral signs. These broad categories are further narrowed down to various signs which are as follows:


emotional stress symptoms

One major sign that someone is stressed is depression. There’s a close relationship between stress and depression. When you’re too much stressed, you lack motivation for things that made you happy all of a sudden. In this case, you should determine if stress is the cause since you might be depressed due to environmental changes, hormonal changes, and medications.


Severe headache

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Too much stress affects the brain resulting in severe pain in both your head and neck area. The more you continue being stressed, the higher the intensity of headache. If you’re experiencing severe headaches, take a step further and know its cause. This is because headaches can be a result of dehydration, lack of sleep, and heavy alcohol intake. Studies have shown a close relationship between too much stress and increased headache frequencies.

Low libido

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Studies show that people who are too much stressed tend to have changes in their sex drive. sex is a mind driven activity. Therefore, if your mind is overthinking or troubled by various things, you’re likely to experience low libido. Arousal becomes a challenge to both men and women who are stressed out. It’s, therefore, essential to determine the cause of low libido since it can be caused by fatigue and hormonal imbalance.

Feeling sick frequently

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For those feeling sick frequently, the cause could be too much stress. This is because stress usually hurts the immune system. Too much stress increases the susceptibility to some infections. This means that your immune system gets weakened such that even small infections end up making you feel sick. It’s, therefore, essential to identify why you’re always feeling sick by visiting a physician. The physician will help you know the actual cause of why you’re feeling sick frequently. This is because the issue might be sometimes physical activity, poor diet, or other disorders like multiple myeloma.

Digestive disorders

Digestive disorders

A highly stressed person can show some digestive disorders such as constipation and diarrhea. Too much stress affects people who have some digestive disorders that include inflammatory bowel disease. You should carefully watch out for this sign especially when you feel stressed to avoid undertaking the wrong treatment procedure because digestive disorders are sometimes caused by dehydration, infections, diets, and level of physical activity.


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