With these 10 tips you can quickly get rid of itchy mosquito bites


4. Salt

Salt is another natural panacea. It dries out the mosquito bite, so the itching should disappear in no time. Scrubbing with salt in particular will help. First of all, wet the skin in the area of the mosquito bite. Grab some salt (preferably coarse) and exfoliate! Leave it to soak for a while and rinse with warm water. It may sting for a while, but then you will be rid of that annoying itch right away.

5. Toothpaste

Toothpaste is another product that is useful for much more than just brushing your teeth. It dries out pimples, you can clean with it, and it helps with mosquito bites. Preferably use a toothpaste with peppermint in it. Spread some toothpaste on the mosquito bite and leave it on the skin for a while. You will notice that the area dries quickly and you are rid of the itching.


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