15 Make-Up Tips For The Older Women


Growing older is nothing to be ashamed of. The additional wrinkles in our skin serve as signs that we’ve managed to make it through whatever life had to offer (so far). Sometimes we want to look as young as we feel, but despite our best efforts to keep our loose or spotted skin at bay, Father Time will always prevail. This doesn’t mean that we can’t slow down the aging process. Here are 15 suggested skin care products that older women can use to help accentuate their natural facial features.

1. Always Apply Sunscreen


We all know that the rays coming from the Sun can accelerate the aging process. It’s not a bad idea to apply some sunscreen to your body as a part of your morning ritual. During winter, wearing SPF15 will have your skin looking young.


2. Moisturize Your Skin


When wanting to stay young, keep in mind that dryness is not your friend. Using a moisturizer after taking a bath or shower, especially within a 10-minute window after stepping out of the tub, can help your skin absorb more of the cream. Remember to apply moisturizer on your face before applying a foundation.

3. Use Makeup with a Yellow Hue

A slight yellow hue in your makeup will give your face a healthy glow and keep your skin looking ageless. Don’t worry about the name of this type of powder – your skin won’t end up looking like a banana peel! The powder simply accentuates your features and gives a richer tint to your natural skin tone.

4. Highlight  Your Bone Structure

Emphasizing your jaw and cheekbones can help aging women appear younger. It’s not just limited to women in their 40s or 50s; any women who need a little boost can try this method. Try using a bronzer or a blusher to highlight these areas of the face.

5. Use Night Cream


This type of cream is convenient when your morning ritual consists of waking up 5 minutes before you actually need to head out the door. At the end of a day, apply a generous amount of night cream to your face and neck to reduce the time needed to apply heavier makeup in the morning.

6. Stick to a Liquid Foundation


If you’ve used dry powders on your face for several years, it’s time to switch to a water-based foundation. As we said earlier, dryness is not kind to your skin. Switch to a liquid foundation before applying makeup rather than a dry one to decelerate the aging process.

7. Dab on an Eye-Shadow Base


Even the slightest wrinkle can cast a grey cloud on your eye-shadowing efforts. It’s not just older women who experience this problem, but even younger women might need a little help to keep their eye-shadows looking pristine. Apply a base before applying the eye-shadow to reduce effect-ruining wrinkles.

8. Only Use Soft Eye-Liners


To avoid looking too brash, use a grey-tinted eye-liner to enlarge the appearance of your eyes. It’s a subtle effect that can make a tremendous difference, especially in aging women.

9. Apply a Concealer


We can eat and drink healthily all our lives, but there are times in life where we just don’t feel our best. On these days, be sure to hide dark shadows or blotches with a concealer. Once again, use a water-based product to prevent dryness.

10. Moisten Your Makeup Sponge

Older women tend to apply too much makeup in an effort to conceal naturally occurring wrinkles or skin blotches. To prevent applying copious amounts of makeup, dampen your sponge slightly to help spread the makeup evenly across your face and neck.

11. Avoid Painted-On Eyebrows


There’s a certain point in life where painted-on eyebrows turn from look fresh and flirtatious to creepy and unflattering. Oftentimes, the paint used to apply these eyebrows is much too dark and clash horribly with the paling skin of older women. If you absolutely have to paint-on your eyebrows, stick to a light brown pencil.

12. Flash your Eyelashes

As time goes on, our eyelashes will lose their sheen. To help give them an energy boost, brush any dust off of your eyelash curler. To enhance the effects, apply a light brown mascara around your eyes.

13. Keep Your Lips Moist with Lip Balm


To prevent the split that runs down the middle of your bottom lip, apply lip balm or another skin-softening agent, such as Vaseline, to make your lips appear fuller. Throw out any dark colored lipstick you have since they can make your lips look wispy and much too thin.

14. Use an Eye-Shadow that Contrasts with Your Eye Color

This is a simple way to enhance the youngness in your eyes. Choose a shade of eye-shadow that’s different from your eye color. If you have green or brown eyes, try using a purple- or blue-tinted eye-shadow. If you have blue eyes, use a darker color like umber.

15. Keep It Natural

Last, but definitely not least, is going the natural route. Leave any makeup, powders, moisturizers, creams, and whatever else you have at home. Be proud of and confident in who you are. Keep this in mind – confidence is always sexy, and if you’re confident wearing your own skin, then your self-esteem will radiate outwards and infect everybody around you.


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