13 Easy Tips to Finally Quit Smoking and Save Your Health

13 Easy Tips to Finally Quit Smoking and Save Your Health

Smoking is a bad habit that poses health risks and pollution of our bodies. While it is easy to say that, it is not so easy to quit smoking once it becomes your daily routine. Whether you are young or old, quitting smoking is good for you.

The hardest part when it comes to quitting is to resist the temptation to start again. You will have to be motivated enough to deal with the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal.


Define the Reason to Stop

You can stop smoking only if you are motivated to do so. Want to protect yourself from health issues? Want to protect your family from secondhand smoke? Get a good reason to stop and stick with it on your journey.

Prepare Yourself

It is suggested that you consult your doctor before quitting. There are numerous treatments that can help you cope with the side effects of quitting.

Gradually Reduce Nicotine Intake

Remember that smoking is an addiction that should be dealt with gradually. Take it step by step and reduce your nicotine intake little by little each day.

Use Nicotine Alternatives

Resisting the addiction is hard and nicotine replacements can help you deal with it. Studies have proven that nicotine gums, patches and lozenges improve the chances of successful elimination of this addiction.

Get Support from Loved Ones

Tell your loved ones of your plans and steps. They can help you on your way by encouraging you and stopping you from returning back to the old habits.

Find new Ways of Relaxation

People often smoke because it helps them relax. As you quit smoking, you should look for new ways to relieve stress. Sports or short exercises are one of many ways that people use to deal with stress.

Move a Lot

Being physically active will withdraw the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. Instead of lighting up a cigarette, do 100 pushups instead. Tired? Well, so are your lungs from smoking every day.

Keep Trying

Some people have to try numerous times before they succeed. Don’t give up if you fail to resist the temptation in the first few tries. Use this opportunity to plan your next treatment better and prepare yourself for dealing with the symptoms.

Clean Your Apartment/House

Clean your apartment and throw away anything that relates to cigarettes. The smell of cigarettes, or even the emotions related to them, might trigger the desire to start smoking again.

Eat Healthy

You should not start to diet as you give up cigarettes. Instead, make sure that you eat lots of vegetables, fruits, proteins, and whole grains.

Avoid Smoking Triggers

Usually when you smoke you also drink alcohol or coffee. Avoid whatever triggers smoking for you. If you often light a cigarette as you drink your coffee, switch to tea for the next several weeks. Reduce all your connections to the bad habit to the minimum.

Reward Yourself

Calculate how much money you are saving by avoiding smoking cigarettes. Put all that money aside for a while and treat yourself with something that you enjoy when you save enough. You will soon realize how costly your bad habit was.

Be Patient

Time is on your side and as long as you stick to your treatment, you will succeed. In only a few weeks, your heart will be back to normal and the chance of having a heart attack will be reduced. In the long term, the chance of having lung cancer will also be reduced. Stay positive with your treatment and once you’re done with it, don’t let it take over you again.


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