‍‍5 levels of crypto investing


Level 5

This is probably the highest level a crypto investor can be. You are fully immersed in the cryptoverse.

There is no dollars and cents, almost everything is valued in crypto, generally in ETH. You don’t look at a JPEG for being just a digital image, you see the underlying value it brings. While people talk about the Metaverse, you are already IN the Metaverse. You start to visualise how everyday processes or things can be digitized on the blockchain. You get into communities or form your own if there isn’t any and become “tribe leaders” of those communities.

Your goal have evolved from where you began at Level 1, its no longer about making money. That’s when you know you have reached level 5.


So…after reading the five different levels, which level are you at? Share with me in the comments and I’ll share a little more on how you can “level up” to the next level! If you’re at level 0 or level 1 and want to advance to the next levels, join me at my free webinar.

As always, trade wisely, invest safely. 🚀


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