50 British Stars Who Shine Even Brighter After Their Incredible Weightloss


Carrie Underwood – Lost 112 Pounds

Following her ‘American Idol’ win streak, Carrie Underwood started adding weight, and fans quickly noticed. While that bothered the star, what bothered her more, was buying clothes a larger size each time. That’s when Carrie knew she needed to do something, not for her fans but for herself.

So Carrie turned to diet restriction and would only take 800 calories a day. Soon enough, she realized that this wasn’t sustainable, and she tweaked her regimen to eating right and exercising deliberately without beating herself up. Seeing the results have been worthwhile, we also wouldn’t mind borrowing some Carrie tips for ourselves.


Sam Smith – Lost 50 Pounds

Being teased for your weight makes life difficult, and no one knows it better than Sam Smith, who had to undergo liposuction at the age of 12. However, the adult Sam took a much healthier approach to the problem as he tried to change their lifestyle.

The English singer-songwriter used the old mantra of the no-sugar diet, and it worked wonders. Still, this is where it gets interesting- Sam chewed on herb-infused ice cubes, an unconventional technique suggested by his nutritionist. The singing sensation also follows a strict regime of going to the gym thrice a week, including weight lifting and cardio.

Jordin Sparks – Lost 50 Pounds

Jennifer Hudson – Lost 80 Pounds

When did chocolates become a weight-loss mantra? Since Jennifer Hudson proclaimed that eating is the best way of losing the extra bulk—that’s when. Yet, of course, going from size 16 to 6, no one in their right mind would dare question the Oscar winner. So instead, we’re all ears for her epic body evolution.

80! That’s the number of pounds weighing Jennifer down until she did something about it. With little exercise involved, the singer is all about portion and balance; The main goal is to mind what we put in our bodies. Though Jennifer admits to being a strict meal eater, she never misses carbs. After all, proper quantities and proportions make for a healthy balanced diet.

Chrissy Metz – Lost 50 Pounds

Star of the heartwarming show ‘This Is Us’, Chrissy Metz, won the hearts of audiences across the world with her powerful acting skills. She received the prestigious ‘Screen Actors Guild Award’ for her performance in the show, which is a testament to Chrissy’s skill as an actress.

To expand her career and break free of any weight-related limitations, Chrissy began her weight loss journey. She indulges in a healthy amount of exercise paired with a well-balanced diet. She has lost well over 50 pounds and is religiously following everything her nutritionist suggests. We are sure that Chrissy will achieve her life goals as an actress and a woman working on weight loss.

Kirstie Alley – Lost 80 Pounds

Everyone’s bodies are different, and some can undergo many weight fluctuations in a short period. So, it was difficult for Kristie Alley to deal with her unstable weight situation. Yet the ‘Star Trek’ actress stunned us by her dedication to lose weight and be healthy.

Kirstie works out thrice a week and has gotten reported to leave behind unhealthy eating habits. She also does not eat after dark, a practice that’s proven to be highly beneficial for the body system. Alley has shown us that mind and body must work together, and healthy living requires us to become the expert of both.

Timothy Spall – Lost 60 Pounds

It’s possible to lose weight at any age, and ‘Harry Potter’ actor Timothy Spall is all the proof we may need. Spall lost an astonishing 60 pounds in his sixties and is an inspiration that anyone can also lose some weight equivalent to their age.

Finally realizing that he needed to do something about his size and health, the ‘Hamlet’ star made a lifestyle shift by doing exercise and changing his diet to a lesser and more healthy one. He may now look dramatically leaner, but his face is unmistakably still that of our beloved Timothy. All of this is thanks to the actor’s decision to opt for a calorie deficit diet.

America Ferrera – Lost 30 Pounds

America Ferrera isn’t only a powerhouse for her successful acting career but also for being vocal on body positivity. The ‘Real Women Have Curves’ star has consistently advocated for women and girls to embrace their body types and focus on their passion instead of clothing size. Struggling with her weight and looks undoubtedly, brought her here, and we love everything she stands for in this regard as much as the next woman.

Not that she is someone who is for remaining passive and not doing anything about it. If anything, the ‘Ugly Betty’ actress has lost 30 pounds over the years. How so? By making healthier life choices – America would definitely cut it as the world’s body positivity ambassador.

Melissa Joan Hart – Lost 40 Pounds

There’s a notion that actresses put in immense hard work to maintain a picture-perfect figure. Yet, Melissa Joan Hart made her swoon-worthy fitness secrets sound relatively simple. Opening up about her spectacular 40-pound weight loss, the Melissa and Joey star says that eating right can do miracles. Of course, it’s helping the artist to still flaunt a bikini body even in her mid-40s!

Besides eliminating carbs from the diet, Melissa feels it’s equally important to treat oneself once in a while. So the actress also engaged in workouts with her friends. That way, even prolonged training sessions used to become an exciting activity. Seriously, who would believe that she’s the mommy of three?

Sara Rue – Lost 50 Pounds

Sara Rue has perhaps never looked or felt better after shedding the extra 50 pounds on her body. Yet, slimming down wasn’t her sole motive. Instead, the actress wished for a long-lasting healthy lifestyle. So, the ‘Impaster’ star’s weight loss journey primarily relied on a plant-based diet. While going green with her meals, she also eliminated junk food and reduced her calorie intake.

Luckily, Sara had a professional to guide her throughout the body makeover. She believes that seeking such help made her fitness routine more strategic and practical. There’s no harm in munching on the favorite delicacies if one is prepared to work out after, says the beautiful actress.

Susan Boyle – Lost 50 Pounds

Scottish singer and musical icon Susan Boyle is widely beloved for her unique voice and skill. Her gift for singing came into the spotlight when she appeared on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ where she sang ‘I Dreamed a Dream’. Just like her singing, Susan impressed her fans with her inspiring weight loss journey.

As a child, Susan was always struggling with weight issues. While she tried her best to lose weight, it was difficult to control her eating habits. However, after receiving a diagnosis for Type 2 Diabetes, Susan decided to leave the sugar out of her diet entirely, added regular exercise to her routine, helping her lose 50 pounds of weight.


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