Time traveler reveals bizarre events he says happened in 2749


Would you believe a time traveler?

In 2022 a lot of things are possible. Video calling, watching television, using the internet, flying from one country to another. So it’s not unlikely that even more will be possible in the future. Time traveling, for example. But if there were such a time traveler right in front of you, would you believe them?

Al Bielek would receive an answer to this question. Bielek had a very special theory. He said that he had traveled through time. Now that in itself is peculiar of course, but what he said afterwards was even crazier…


Bielek had a special story. He claimed to have traveled through time and that he was on a top secret government mission. No one believed his story. No wonder, because why would anyone announce that they were on a secret mission, because isn’t it supposed to be… secret?

Yet Bielek persisted. For example, he said he could tell things about the future, but those things were very bizarre.


Bielek cared little that people didn’t believe him. He stood his ground. He came from the future and he continued to share his “predictions”. To the people listening they were just crazy predictions, but Bielek was a time traveler and didn’t say they were predictions, but presented them as facts.

It remained difficult for people to believe him, but eventually people started doubt themselves when he came up with concrete examples.

The time traveler started telling more about his theories. He shared prophecies about the Earth and was able to talk about it in detail – and while they still doubted him – people started to listen to him carefully.

Contrary to what we often think about time travelers – that they come from the future – this was not the case for Bielek. For example, he claimed that he was born in 1927. So even before World War II started (since he had a lot to tell about this subject).


From the moment Bielek was born, he was different from the others. He was born into a very normal family and had quite a normal childhood growing up. His parents loved him a lot and he was surrounded by a loving family. So it can’t have been his upbringing, but still there was something different about Bielek.

For example, he remembered things that most kids weren’t able to remember. For instance, Bielek could remember exactly what his first memory was. And that was before he could even walk. Baby Bielek crawled on the floor and he remembers hearing the adults around him talk. Can you imagine? Having a memory of when you were a baby?

When Bielek was a little older, he turned out to have an excellent memory. Some need to repeat things to themselves five times before they can remember them, but for Bielek, he only needed to read something once before it was engraved in his memory. Therefore, he was known as ‘a walking encyclopedia’ among his peers.

Bielek lived a fairly ordinary life for a long time. It wasn’t until he turned sixty that things started to change…

One evening in 1988, Bielek was watching the movie The Philadelphia Experiment with his family. Although it was a science fiction film, the film is said to be based on a true story about a government experiment during World War

His family enjoyed the movie, but Bielek felt differently. He had the feeling that he had already seen everything that transpired in the film.


The film portrayed how the US Navy planned to make their ships completely invisible to radar transmissions. This way, other governments wouldn’t see their ships on their radar.

How did the characters in the movie plan to make the ship invisible? With a special device. American scientists, naval and government officers weighed in on the matter and wanted to test it out on the USS Eldridge. But at the moment of truth, it all went wrong. The device had disastrous consequences.

As we mentioned, The Philadelphia Experiment was inspired by true event. Just like in the movie, the US government is said to conduct crazy and creepy experiments. According to conspiracy theorists, the government also possessed a device like the one in the movie. According to conspiracy theorists, what happens next in the film is exactly what happened in real life . The moment the device was turned on, something very bad happened.

The movie shows the USS Eldridge being surrounded by a mysterious green fog, after which a flash of blue illuminates the horizon. The flash disappeared as quickly as it came, but that wasn’t the only thing that disappeared. There was no sign of the USS Eldridge and its crew either.

The ship hadn’t disappeared from the radar forever. The ship reappeared. It turned out that terrible things had happened. The device had serious consequences for the crew.

The most fortunate sailors turned out to ‘just’ have intense nausea, but others were less fortunate. A large group was found to be seriously injured, others had lost their minds and a number of crew members developed strange diseases. The weird thing about this scene in the movie? Bystanders of the US government’s real experiments reported seeing this too.


One event from the movie in particular stood out to Bielek. One of the sailor’s slipped and fell. He ended up on the lower deck and his body was later found to have fused with the metal of the ship. The scene looked very familiar to him. Later he realized why: he had seen it happen himself.

The film had a huge effect on Bielek. The scene that seemed so familiar to him kept him awake at night. What’s more, it gave him the creeps for months. From that moment on, he began to experience more flashbacks.

Bielek’s flashbacks continued. While he couldn’t explain exactly what was going on, he knew he wanted to investigate. The flashbacks felt to him as if he had actually experienced them, but he couldn’t remember actually experiencing them himself. He therefore wanted to find out the meaning behind these flashbacks.

Bielek did everything he could to find out how he got the flashbacks. He talked to therapists and even psychics. He experienced more and more flashbacks and eventually he could see a connection between them. The memories fit together like puzzle pieces. Everything came to the surface and when he shared his memories with others, they were shocked.

It took four years before Bielek shared his memories with others. The first thing he said was that he wasn’t Al Bielek. He claimed that he was someone else, Edward Cameron, a man who was born long before he was, in 1916.

How he ended up with Al Bielek’s identity and with the Bielek family? According to ‘Cameron’, this was because he was part of a mission of the American government.

Bielek or Cameron (are you still with us?) then went on to say that he was part of one of the largest government experiments ever. He also claimed that the conspiracy theories about the real USS Eldridge, the so-called Philadelphia Experiment, were not just theories. Bielek confidently claimed that it had really happened. He had seen it himself.

Bielek shared many details about the events. Events that were actually supposed to be secret. He started sharing this information with more and more people and spoke about it at the Mutual UFO Networking Conference in Texas. His story had nothing to do with UFOs, of course, but it was just as crazy as Martians.

Bielek told more about his life as Edward Cameron. He and his brother Duncan Cameron were supposedly enlisted in the United States Navy in 1939. You’ve guessed it by now: they were aboard the USS Eldridge when the government experiment took place.

Speaking at the Mutual UFO Network Conference, Bielek said the movie he watched a few years earlier, The Philadelphia Experiment, was a reflection of reality. He said that the government had engaged a few bright minds to successfully complete the experiment. He mentioned the names John Hutchinson, John von Neumann and Nikola Tesla. Bielek and his brother were on board, when those scientists turned on the device at the behest of the government.

Bielek confirmed that the crew had been hit by the machine badly, just like in the movie. He described the ensuing chaos: people were screaming and nobody knew what to do. He and his brother thought they had the best chance of survival if they jumped off of the boat and that’s what they did.

They jumped off of the boat, but they didn’t land in the water. Instead, time froze. He doesn’t remember what happened next.

When Bielek regained consciousness, he wasn’t in the water. Instead, he was in an environment that seemed unfamiliar to him. He looked around and saw his brother lying next to him. When he took in the surroundings a little more closely, he realized they had ended up in the hospital. Both their bodies were full of radiation wounds. But that wasn’t even the strangest part of the whole situation…

He and his brother had ended up in a very different time. It wasn’t 1943. It was 2137. The brothers were very confused. What had happened to them? How could they have entered a different era?

Because Bielek and his brother had suffered serious injuries, they stayed in the hospital for another month. During this time, they were trying to figure out what had happened. They asked many questions, but the answers they received did not reassure them. In fact, it was quite disturbing.

The doctors tried to answer Bielek’s questions as best they could. They told the brothers that several things were going on, bad things.

The doctors showed the current map of America to the two brothers. They then said that much had changed and America was indeed unrecognizable. Much of America was under water and the state of Florida had completely disappeared. The city of Atlanta in the state of Georgia, which is currently more than 500 kilometers as the crow flies from the sea, was now on the coast.

The gentlemen had a lot to endure, but at that moment Bielek did not yet know that he would travel through time again. Six weeks later to be exact.

Bielek could kind of remember the first time he traveled through time. That was when he and his brother jumped off of the ship. The second time, on the other hand, he couldn’t remember. From 2137 he suddenly traveled forward another 612 years in time, to the year 2749.

This time too, Bielek woke up in a hospital, although the hospital looked completely different from what we are used to. In later interviews, the time traveler said that he was surrounded by state-of-the-art equipment. Here, wounds were not treated with surgery or with sutures, but with vibrations and light therapy.

 Televisions still existed, but there wasn’t much to see on them. All that was broadcast was the news and history items. But this turned out to be just the beginning

Bielek was faced with many changes and he was having a hard time with that. He discovered that the world had completely changed. He described the Earth as ‘a large crystal’ and much turned out to be automated. Bielek, for example, claimed that the Earth was controlled by a synthetic computer system.

We can imagine that the Earth will look different in 2749, but according to Bielek, it was as if he was no longer on Earth at all. It felt like he was living on another planet. Everything had changed. Much had also happened when it came to wars.

Bielek shared that two major wars had taken place when he arrived in 2749. These wars had further ravaged the earth and that was one of the reasons why the world looked so different. The first war took place between the Russians and the Chinese, after which the United States and Europe too fought a war, Bielek claimed.

The aftermath of these two great wars was heartbreaking. Governments were shut down and entire cities had disappeared. The population shrank considerably and went from 7.7 billion people to 330 million. America as a country still existed, but was under military rule.

Bielek also discovered that money as we know it today no longer existed. People did not use coins, bills, debit cards or credit cards to buy products. Instead, there was much more trust in each other. For example, a trading system had been developed. People traded with each other when they needed something.

Such a trading system sounds a bit primitive, but the technological developments had certainly not stood still. For example, a technique had been developed that allowed people to control gravity themselves. And this led to special occurences. 

Because people knew how to influence gravity with so-called anti-gravity technology, people were able to live in floating cities. Houses and buildings could be built above the ground. These cities were sometimes up to 2 miles (3.2 kilometers) from the Earth’s surface.

Controlling gravity resulted in cities not having to be anchored to the ground, they could float around the earth. They didn’t fly around aimlessly, they were guided in their path ever so slightly, literally and figuratively. For example, there were central computer systems that managed all their paths. 

It was mostly the rich(er) people who could afford to live in the floating cities, people who were less fortunate still lived in the houses as we know them, on Earth. This did raise questions, though.

Bielek marveled at the Earth as it was in 2749. A computer system that actually ran the world, why would humans allow this to happen? And how was this possible? He started asking the people he encountered these questions. He expected people to be able to give him an explanation, but this was not the case. It seemed that people had never considered this themselves.

And indeed, the people who still lived on Earth had never asked themselves these questions. Computer systems seemed to have taken over power without anybody noticing. But how exactly this had happened, no one seemed to remember. Or, even more worryingly, no one seemed to care.

Bielek and his brother, who had traveled along with him, resented the fact that computers played such a prominent role. They didn’t have much time to think or talk about it, because they were due for another jump through time. This time they did not go forward in time, but backward.

Suddenly the Bielek brothers found themselves in the year 1983. At last an explanation was awaiting them. Officers briefed them on their time travel and urged them to keep it all top secret. They could never talk to anyone about it.

The gentlemen had already been through a lot, but their mission did not end there. They received a clear message: they would have to travel through time one more time for a secret project. But that didn’t go according to plan…

What exactly Bielek had done is unclear, but confidence in him faded. The scientists and researchers who were part of the secret mission felt threatened by Bielek and they lost their trust in him. The government was notified of this and apparently Bielek was not given the benefit of the doubt. Bielek was seen as a threat, a threat that had to be dealt with.

Cameron’s brother was also sent back in time once more. A different fate awaited him, though. He was not born again, but disappeared completely.

Every memory Cameron had had in his life was gone. He couldn’t remember a thing about time travel anymore, he had completely forgotten about the government experiments and lost all memories of his brother. The government’s intention was that these memories would never return, but things did not turn out that way. Cameron remembers everything.

The moment Bielek/Cameron remembered everything, he felt he wanted to make things right. He wanted everyone to know what had happened to him and what the government had done to him and his brother. He gave interviews all over the world and spoke out about the injustice.

Bielek became world famous and is now often quoted when the topic of time travel comes up. He told everyone about what he had seen. All details were covered.

Bielek passed away in 2007, but his stories still continue to live on. Then, and today still, scientists, as well as government officers, tried to refute his stories. According to them, what Bielek said was incorrect. And although we won’t be arround to witness it, it won’t be before 2749 until people will really find out whether Bielek was right.


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