Wow! This man lives in an airplane. Check out what he did with the interior!


Check out the inside of this plane!

Bruce Campell is a 64-year-old Canadian that used to work as an electrical engineer. What’s really spectacular about him, however, is his out of the box thinking and creativity! The “house” he is living in can definitely be considered his lifetime project as he already prepared for this monumental feat by buying 10 acres of land in the woods of Hillsboro, Oregon in his twenties. Land, which today serves as the final resting place of a gigantic Boeing 727. Find out more about how he turned an old plane and a large piece of land into a truly amazing residence.

If you aren’t amazed yet, just wait until you see the inside of the plane!


Creativity and a plan

Campbell has always been known for his hobbies. Since his childhood, he liked to tinker with old objects and turn them into something new and exciting. Originally, his plan was to build a unique home from freighters but once he learned about Joanne Ussery and her “residential plane” he changed his mind. Joanna Ussery (a hairstylist from Mississippi) decided to renovate a working plane after her original house had burned down, inspiring Bruce to follow in her footsteps. I am sure with Bruce’ creativity a house build from old freighters would have been very interesting as well and I am really curious how it would have looked like. Maybe a new retirement project for Mr Campbell?

How exactly do you buy a Boeing 727?

The purchase was made in 1999. Campbell bought a retired 727 from Olympic Airways. Despite the plane being retired it still cost a respectable $100.000 but what turned out to be even more expensive was to transport it into the forests. In total the transport from Athens, Greece (where the plane was located initially) to Mr Campbell’s piece of land cost a whopping $120.000. Needless to say, the $220.000 he spent on the plane have turned out to be well worth it in the end.


The plane’s interior has been modified to offer all the comforts you want from your domicile. That being said, Bruce has also decided to allow a lot of the original features to remain, which makes sure, that the plane’s character is still intact after all these years. There are still original airline seats to be found and even the toilets are still intact. Despite his big purchase, Campbell lives very modestly and definitely doesn’t live a luxury life. Apart from more standard equipment like a sink and a washing machine, Bruce also built a lot of handmade equipment that he uses to make everyday life easier for him. One thing you definitely do not want to do is try out the “airline food” Bruce prepares, considering the creative Canadian`s cuisine is prepared with a microwave and a toaster only. He usually eats canned food and grains. 

Check out some of the few photos found below to get an idea of the special interior of this aircraft:

It`s also worth watching the video below to get an even better idea about the aircraft: 


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