Wondered What Your Dog Gets Up To Alone? Here Are 7 Insights Into A Dog’s Secret Life


7 Weird Things Dogs Do When Alone

Like most dog owners, you might find that the weekends are filled with walking and playing with four-legged friends. Come Monday morning, you might be heading off to work, but all your canine companion might want to do is have a good sleep.


However, what do you think your dog does during the remainder of the weekdays while you are at work and they have regained their energy levels? Read on to discover seven insights into a dog’s secret life, and be prepared for number 7 to bring a tear to your eye!

1-Destroying Stuff

The last thing you want to greet you when you return home after a hard day’s work is a home full of destruction. Unfortunately, your pet pooch doesn’t understand the price or sentimental value of your prized possessions.

Being left alone can cause your dog stress, particularly if it’s a young animal. Perhaps you should ensure that anything of significant value is placed well out of reach of your bored pup before you set off to work.

2-Playing With Their Toys

It is common for dog owners to return home after a day’s work to find their home strewn with their favorite toys. That’s because there have likely been canine capers all day with your dog amusing itself.

The dog might often not even play with the toys but simply remove them from the toy basket and move them to a different part of the home to hide them. That’s why you’ll often find a toy in some random place when you are cleaning a remote part of your home.


Many dog experts believe that you should pick up your dog’s food if it has not eaten it within twenty minutes. This habit may be designed to keep your home tidy and train your dog into a more disciplined routine.

However, some of the most popular dog breeds are ‘grazers,’ meaning they prefer to eat smaller amounts more regularly throughout the day. So, while you’re at work, your dog could be spending quite some time eating and snacking – just like us, really!

4-Playing With Siblings

Often, when dogs are vigorously playing with each other, it can look quite vicious. This behavior can be heightened further if you have a couple of dogs who are siblings. Therefore you should keep a close eye on these related dogs before leaving them unsupervised together.

Behavior such as excessive bouncing, exposing underbellies, front end down and back end up, taking turns chasing, and so on are positive signs. If you notice these, you can feel confident in leaving the siblings together while you are working.

5-Sleeping and Dreaming

It might come as a bit of a surprise, but dogs do dream. Moreover, from research carried out on animal dreaming, scientists are convinced that dogs have similar dream patterns as humans.

If you have ever noticed your dog moving its legs in a running motion while sleeping or making muffled barking noises, this is likely to be them dreaming about something they’ve experienced during the day.

6-Barking and Howling

Possibly a prelude to your dog destroying your home contents is them barking and howling. This noisy behavior might be okay if you live in a large detached house or a remote location. However, for most people, disruption for neighbors has to be considered.

Your dog might bark or howl for various reasons. These range from your dog simply enjoy the sound of their own voice to them fretting about your absence. Barking can also be a warning, perhaps an indication of an intruder or im

7-Waiting For You To Come Home

More than anything else, when you are away from them, the thing your dog wants most is to have you home. They will wait patiently, often by the door, hoping you will eventually come through.

On your return, your pet will be beside itself with joy. The love and affection it feels for you will be manifested in bouncing, tail-wagging, toy-fetching, licking, and other signs of joy that you’ve come home to them.


When you rush out to work in the morning, full of thoughts of what your dog will be like, spare a thought or two for your dog. Hopefully, now you’ll understand more about what they get up to while you’re away.

Regardless of what they’ve done, you can now understand its natural behavior. Above all, these seven insights into a dog’s secret life will remind you how much your dog adores you.


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