7 Harmful Things You Do to Your Dog Without Realizing It


It’s no secret that every dog parent loves their canine companion beyond measure. Our furry friends truly know how to love us unconditionally without any grudges. We want nothing more than a happy and healthy life for them.

But sometimes we may do things unknowingly that can potentially harm our four-legged friends. In this Post, we have rounded up 7 harmful things that you can avoid to keep your pet safe. Pay attention to number 3 and 1. They will shock you the most!


7.  Training Your Dog Forcefully

Yes, your dog needs a fair amount of training. But it doesn’t give you the license to use force to physically punish them. Any handling methods that cause pain or stress to your dog can damage your relationship with them.

Reward-based training is more effective when you are trying to teach your dog discipline. It helps build trust between the pup and his parent and helps the dog learn the desired behavior.

6.  Leaving Your Pup Alone in the Car

According to research, even if you park your car in the shade, the temperature inside can increase by 20 degrees in only 10 minutes. Unlike humans, dogs don’t sweat which means overheating can happen sooner than you expect.

Overheating can cause excessive panting and drooling. In case of diarrhea and vomiting, there could be a life-threatening emergency. So, if you do leave your dog in the car, remember to crack the window open and keep them in sight all the time.

5.  Yelling at Your Dog When They Do Something Wrong

While trying to discipline your dog, never yell at them when things don’t seem to be working. If you shout, it makes them scared and confused.

Just like physical punishment is a big NO, so is yelling. Instead, be more positive and practice respectful training sessions that can strengthen your bond with your canine friend.

4.  Letting Your Furry Friend Eat Everything

If you think it’s okay to let your dog lap up any table scraps, IT’S NOT. Human food is simply too fatty, spicy, and salty for dogs. Some food items can even be toxic for them.

If you see your dog eating anything off the floor, take it out of his/her mouth. They are quick learners when it comes to things they aren’t allowed to do.

3.  Choosing the Wrong Collar

If your dog turns into a pulling machine when outdoors, a harness might be good. A collar can injure your pet’s neck in this case if they pull too hard.

If your dog is an inquisitive pup, a flat collar or breakaway collar can do the trick. Make sure it’s the right size – too large and your pooch might escape. Too small and it may choke them.

2.  A Lack of Stimulation

Dogs need mental and physical stimulation, both. Before you decide to get one, ensure you have the time to regularly walk them around.

In the absence of stimulation, dogs may resort to chewing or tearing things apart. It is necessary to expose them to different smells and sounds for their brain to work better.

1.  Skipping the Doggy Dentist

Just like humans, dogs too need their dental care. It’s not aesthetics, it’s a plain necessity. As soon as you get a pup, you must indulge in a regular dental care routine.

Remember to not use human toothpaste for your dogs. Connect with your vet, and they can suggest the right brush and paste for your loving pet.

Wrapping Up 

If you unconsciously do any of the above, it’s time to change so your furry friend can continue to live a long and happy life.


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