Famous Celebrities And Their Hilarious Animal Doppelgangers

So what exactly is a doppelganger? If you didn’t know, its a lookalike or a double of a person. Most people have at least doppelganger around the world, but if you haven’t found yours yet, perhaps you’ve been looking in the wrong place.

Perhaps you should be looking in the animal kingdom, just like these celebrities did. The similarities between these animals and celebs are actually quite fascinating, who would have guessed that a human look-alike would appear in the form of an animal? Take a look at these celebs who totally look similar to these animals, keep scrolling for some good laughs.

John Travolta

Screenshot 15

John Travolta is known to have the most magnificent eye color – they are baby blue and extremely striking. Perhaps that’s what makes him so handsome and attractive.

We have to admit that this eye color is pretty unique, so finding a Travolta’s human doppelganger might be quite challenging. But luckily he was able to find his lookalike, besides the fact that it is indeed a dog. You also may have noticed their heads also have a resemblance.

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