20 Great Habits for Stronger, Shinier and Healthier Hair

We all dream of healthy, smooth and shiny hair, but many of our regular care practices can actually harm and weaken our hair. Some of them are things that we do automatically, without thinking, but they affect the health of our hair.  Chocthings would like to share 20 simple but superb habits you can use to protect your hair and help it to grow healthy and strong.

1. Dampen your hair with some plain white vinegar after using shampoo, and leave it for a couple of minutes before rinsing. Your hair will be brighter and shinier from the first time you try this.

2. Once a month, use a natural mask made from avocado.

3. Wash your hair with raw egg yolks, instead of shampoo. Although it may seem weird, this natural product moisturizes your hair better than many commercial beauty products, and does so without weakening it.

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