10 foods that raise the chance of developing Diabetes in the future


In our current era, there are plenty of luxuries we take for granted. We have good food, for example, and we do not have to boil everything as once done. However, with the industrialized boom in the food market, some quite unhealthy options have been introduced, with some threatening to increase your chance of developing diabetes sooner or later.

To avoid this, here are a few of the foods you most definitely have to avoid in order to stay diabetes free for good.

  1. Sweetened cereals

Be it corn flakes, oats, or any other type of cereal, the sweetened ones are dangerous for you not only as an adult, but also as a teenager and a child. Sweetened cereal are only sweet because of the ridiculous amount of white sugar in them. Sometimes, they can have the artificial sweeteners, the ones hailed as the healthy choice. Unfortunately, both white sugar and artificial sweeteners are bio hazards that increase the risk of diabetes by over 50%, which is nothing short of staggering. As such, in order to stay safe, try to avoid any sweetened cereals and start your breakfast with some healthy cereal. You can always add some raw honey or brown sugar if your sweet tooth is acting up.

  • Flavored coffee

Coffee has become a staple in the beverage department, and for very good reason. That sweet nectar of the gods is nothing short of amazing, and its history is one of trial and error in order to find the right way to make it. Unfortunately, nowadays, coffee has become a mainstream that can sometimes be butchered by additional, artificial flavors.

On its own, coffee is quite healthy. However, when you throw the artificial flavors into the mix, we have to start talking about engorged amounts of sugar, which increases the chances of developing type-2 diabetes, especially if as heavily consumed as coffee is nowadays.

  • Sweet drinks

When we say sweet drinks, we often think of soda, ginger ale, and so on. However, it goes even further than soft drink. There is a plethora of drinks that are packed with sugar and, by proxy, calories. The unholy combination is nothing short of a harbinger of diabetes since the latter is not developed by consuming plenty of sugar, but rather by consuming plenty of heavily processed sugar.

The heavy consumption of sugary drinks will inevitably cause diabetes, and sugary drinks span over packaged fruit drinks, sodas, energy drinks and so on and so forth.


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